Previously, you downloaded a database dump from the Carerix site. Now you want to "open" this dump file.


  • Version of PostgreSQL should be recent (as of June 2013: At least v9.2.4)
  • A database user "Carerix" must be created first
  • Errors about "zettair" are about an optional external database module and can be safely ignored


  1. Open the downloaded "7z" file, inside you will find <customer>prod.pgc: extract this file from the archive
  2. Download an install PostgreSQL from: using the instructuions in the installer
  3. Part of the Windows installation is PGAdmin, start this tool
  4. Connect to the database, right click on "database" and choose "New Database",name: <customer>prodencoding: UTF8
  5. Once finished, right click <customer>prod and choose "Restore database"
  6. Browse to the pgc file you uncompressed in step 1 and click OKThe database will now be restored. Any errors about gtsvector can be ignored.

Attachment data

The standard database dump does not include attachment data. (i.e.all attachments appear to have length 0)
Should you require the content of the attachments as well, you can order it from us. You will then receive an additional 7Zip file which contains the attachments in compressed format.
For more information, please look at the instructions in the PDF-file below. 

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