The CxSocialBrowser is a exclusively available for the 'Google Chrome browser' plugin that can easily be installed in your browser. It is available in a free version as well as a paid version.

If you use Chrome to visit LinkedIn, Xing or VDAB and view a profile, you will immediately see whether a 'Candidate/Contact' are already present in Carerix.

If not, you can add the person to your Carerix database with a single click of a button.

When the 'Candidate/Contact' is already known in the system, you will immediately see their contact details, possible matches and an overview of activities. If you provide secondment services, you will also get to see placement details.


The following Carerix details of the candidate/contact will be displayed alongside the LinkedIn, Xing or VDAB profile:

  • Name, position, town (number of placements)
  • Contact details, mobile number and e-mail address
  • Matches
  • Placements, final date and upcoming availability
  • Last contact, update, creation date and candidate owner

Benefits of the CxSocialBrowser

  1. You can see at a glance whether a candidate/contact in LinkedIn/Xing is already present in Carerix and immediately add the person to the system if this is not the case.
  2. It is also possible to see at a glance whether a candidate from LinkedIn/Xing has already been matched to a vacancy.
  3. You can directly add notes to candidates/contacts while viewing their details in LinkedIn/Xing/VDAB.
  4. It is possible to compare the information in your database to the details on LinkedIn/Xing/VDAB and update them with a single click.
  5. You no longer have to change screens between Carerix and LinkedIn/Xing/VDAB.

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