Use the Job order newsletter template to send a selection of Job orders to a group of Candidates.

Install the Job order newsletter template from the Template library to create a workable situation.


  1. Click "Job orders".
  2. Select desired Job orders (selection of 0 is selecting everything).
  3. Scroll to "Choose Action", select "Send list"..., click "OK".
  4. Click "Job order newsletter" and click "Next".
  5. Select the Candidates to receive the Job order list (a selection of 0 means to select everything).
  6. Click "Add to address list", click "Next".
  7. Select Candidates to be removed from the list and click "Remove from list".
  8. Click "Finish".
  9. Click "Generate e-mails".


  • Use the Link button in an e-mail to link incoming e-mail responses to the Job order.
  • Use Job alert for the automatic process of sending a list of relevant job orders based on opt-in/out registration.
  • Order a custom made template here.
  • To automatically send relevant job orders to candidates, see this page.
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