Activate the Carerix API in your Carerix system as follows:

  • Log in as Administrator in your Carerix system.
  • Check if the Document template 'REST token' is installed, if not install it from the library. ('Maintenance' | "Templates' | 'Document-tab')
  • Create a new Note
    - The subject of the Note needs to be: "TOKEN:api"
    - Click [Save]
  • Choose the Document template "REST TOKEN".
    A pop up screen opens with the code (the token).
  • Give this code to your webbuilder.

When you're using XML-connection, you can use AllowIP

If your webbuilder still faces problems:

  • Ask the webbuilder for the IP-address of the server.
  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Settings'
  • Go to block 'XML interface' - 'Allow IP'
  • Add the IP address and click [Finish]
  • Was the field allow IP empty?
    Then leave it empty.
    This means that all ip addresses are allowed.

Background information

  • The website makes contact with Carerix through the so called REST API (Application Programming Interface).
    The application needs to be authorized before it has access to the API.

Keywords : UD-2401

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