Carerix is strongly invested in "Enabling the ultimate match" for recruitment.

We know that only a candidate CV is not enough to achieve the best match, that's why we integrated video-pitch and automated videos.

Why do we check IMDb for movies or Zoover for WiFi connections on holiday destination?

It's all based on feedback and references from other people that we need to make the right decision.
Why don't we plot that philosophy on recruitment?

We believe that feedback and references related to Candidates will bring the way we use IMDB or Zoover to the recruitment industry.
We want to bring our customers a step closer to enable the ultimate match.
That's why we are proud to announce that Carerix is the first recruiting software that integrates with startup REFQ.  

REFQ use in Carerix is free! Login or register on REFQ.

Inform your Candidates / Talent pool

If your Candidates are all using REFQ and bring their enriched profiles to you it will make matching a lot easier.

Here you will find a Newsletter example to invite your Candidates to use this free functionality.

Having the right references is becoming more and more important, both for permanent and for interim positions. Experiences and opinions of others count and determine, to a large extent, our choices. People are increasingly selecting hotels, restaurants, books to read and even which education to choose based on the experiences and opinions of others.

We also see this happening in the job market. Professionals are actively looking for references to add to their personal profiles. References are presented online, for example on LinkedIn. Transparency is, after all, a relevant factor for success.

In our practice, we experience the added value of references. They help to give insight into the candidate’s work experience and profile, increase the chance of a successful match and, importantly, they give professionals a sense of control over their own careers.

We always strive to optimize the chances of success for the professional on the job market. Therefore, we embrace the added value of references and recommend everyone in our network to keep their reference portfolios up-to-date.

This is why we would like to refer you to REFQ, the specialist in obtaining references. REFQ has launched a free reference tool, that helps you keep your reference portfolio up-to-date, thereby increasing your chances of success in the job market. With this tool, you can obtain references yourself, download them and present and share them online.

We would like to recommend this tool to you wholeheartedly.
It is free and works fast. Just one click, and you can access your references. Easy and efficient.

Your own online reference portfolio; the new way to present yourself successfully to the world!

Visit REFQ for more information and to create your own account.

REFQ in Carerix

Add a REFQ URL to a Candidate 

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Candidates'
  • Open a Candidate
  • Go block 'Contact information', select new URL type "REFQ"
    Paste the REFQ-URL into the field

REFQ in Candidate preview

You will find an extra tab in the Candidate-preview that shows the REFQ reference tool for the selected Carerix candidate.

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