A Job Alert is an E-mail template that automatically sends relevant Job orders published in a certain period to subscribed Candidates.

Install Job Alert

The Administrator is able to Install and configure the settings

Step 1 - Install Job Alert Template

Step 2 - Configure a "Jobalert" Table

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Tables' and click [New]
  • Fill in the following fields as indicated below:
    Table: Group candidate;
    Click active:
    Name: Jobalert
    Subscriptionclass: JobAlertTag;
    Subscriptionscheduleclass: Choose the desired period (Daily (DailyTag), Weekly (WeeklyTag), Monthly (MonthlyTag)) 
  • [Save] your changes
  • Re-login

When is the JobAlert being sent?

The chosen Tag at "SubscriptionClass" determines the days a JobAlert is being sent:

BiDailyTag; Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday...
TriDailyTag; Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday, Tuesday, Friday, Monday, Thursday, Sunday...
TwiceWeeklyTag; Sunday, Wednesday, Sunday
WeeklyTag; Sunday, Sunday
MonthlyTag; Every first day of the month

(Un)subscribe Candidates 

In most cases your Candidates will subscribe or unsubscribe themselves through the portal or the opt-out link in the e-mail template.
This page describes how to perform these actions manually.


  • Use the Link button in an e-mail to link incoming responses to a Job order.
  • The selection of send Job orders is based on the information from the Desired-tab in a Candidate-file.
  • Order a custom Job alert template
  • Use the Job order newsletter template to manually select a list of Job orders and send it to a selected list of Candidates.

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