Since R.4.6. the Sales rate of a Candidate is calculated in the pop-up window New calculation. This module allows you to calculate cost price, margin and sales rate. Furthermore this module contains a brief history of applied changes. The sales rate of a Candidate at a Match and a Placement differs. Calculate the sales rate in different files e.g. when a Candidate demands a standard compensation, this amount is adjusted to the demands of a client when a Match is made and is made final at a Placement. The compensation lines at a candidate still exist. The tarif lines at Candidate are moved to Placement.


Calculate sales rate

  1. Select a Candidate, Match of Placement at Candidate go to tab Admin Match or Placement stay on the Basis tab.
  2. Scroll to Sales rate.
  3. Click [New calculation}, a pop-up window opens.
  4. Fill in:
    Costs: All costs you make for a candidate.Advanced: change constant values in the calculation.
    Calculation: Under Default the cost price per hour is calculated, settled with a standard margin of 20%, this results to Sales rate per hour.
    The Defaultvalues merely a suggestion based on your default margin. At Current you change Margin, Sales rate, Result per hour,
    Resultaat per month or Turnover per month. The other data updates automatically.
  5. Click [Save]

Change default margin

  1. Click 'Settings'
  2. Click [Calculations]
  3. Fill in the margin (without the % sign) at defaultMargin.
  4. Click [Save]


  • When a change under Current causes the Margin to reach below the default margin it is shown in red.
  • When a Candidate is already placed or matched adjustments in the candidate file are copied to the concerning Match or Placement file. Vice versa this is not the case.
  • The adjustment history can not be cleared. If you make a mistake, correct it by creating a new calculation
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