Stiply is an easy to use add-on for Carerix which enables you to have your documents electronically signed. Stiply is extremely easy to use, legally valid and available in multiple languages to serve all your signing needs.

To use the integration of Stiply in Carerix, you need to contact Stiply.

Want to use Stiply in Carerix?

Please contact your Account Manager at Carerix to receive price information.

Step 2: Adjust Document Templates (by Administrator)

The documents that needs to be signed need to contain extra code in the places of signing. So you need the documents to be prepared.
This can be done by the Administrator

These codes are predefined, the following options are available:

The tags for the actual signers are 'signature', multiple signers get incrementing numbers:

{{signature_0}} --> 1st signer
{{signature_1}} --> 2nd signer
{{signature_2}} --> 3rd signer
The same goes for text fields:
{{text_0}} --> 1st signer
{{text_1}} --> 2nd signer
{{text_2}} --> 3rd signer


  • Tags are defined by using double accolades: "{{..}}". The '{{text_0}}' tag can be used for all input fields in the document. Fe names, dates, IBAN numbers etc. 
  • To link different fields to different signers, you use incrementing numbers. Fields with the same number are to be filled by the same signer.

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