Flow Stiply in Carerix

  • Navigate to an entity in Carerix, for example a Placement
  • Create a contract that needs to be signed, and place tags where signatures and text fields need to go.
  • Upload the contract to the placement in Carerix
  • Click on the 'Stiply-tab'
  • Select the document, or another document that is associated with the Placement, in the left column
  • Specify the signers in the right column and type a message to them
  • Send the document. 

Where to find the Stiply Attachment

When all signers have signed the document, the Stiply attachment will be automatically under :

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Placements'
  • Open a 'Placement'
  • Go to the Attachments-tab

Change Matchstage

It is also possible to automatically change the Matchstage when all documents are signed. This can be configured by giving the requested Matchstage the code 'Stiply'.

All Open Stiply documents

To see all Stiply documents

  • Go to files | Placements
  • Open a 'Placement'
  • Go to the 'Stiply-tab'
  • Click on the [Overview] button


  • Select the [Dashboard] (top right in screen)
  • Choose [Stiply Dashboard]

Keywords : UD-2502

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