Determine with the applyUrl the default value for the field application link in a new publication. As default the applyUrl setting is:

https://<cx:write value="$utilities.userDefaults.Customer" invoke="lowercaseString"/><cx:write value="$publication.publicationID"/>

The application link based on the default applyUrl will look like:


  • The default application link links the applicant to the online Carerix portal.
    You'll find your Carerix portal on the following address:
    Fill at example your own application name in.

Own website

If you prefer to link the applicant to your own website, then change the applyUrl setting. An example for a modified applyUrl:<cx:write value="$publication.publicationID"/>/<cx:write value="$publication.titleInformation.urlEncodedString"/>.html

The application link based on the applyUrl above can look like:

SRSx website

The logic for the applyUrl on behalf of SRSx is the following:<cx:write value="$publication.publicationID"/>

It is important that you leave the if/then construction intact, for example:

<cx:if condition="publication.toMedium.code='indeed'">https://<cx:write value="$utilities.userDefaults.Customer" invoke="lowercaseString"/><cx:write value="$publication.publicationID"/>/<cx:write value="$publication.publicationID"/>/
<cx:else><cx:write value="$publication.publicationID"/></cx:else>

The application link based on the applyUrl above will look as follows: On the SRSx website, this is converted into


In this field there will be the vacancy name and company name.

  1. Put in this field: <cx:write value="$vacancy.jobTitle"> at company <cx:write value="$">
  2. Save the changes
  3. To turn this setting off, just empty the field.

Remark: The use of CxScript, changing the settings and coding the templates is the customers own responsibility.


See the page keepEmployeeAttributes.

Keywords : UD-1406

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