In order to post job orders from Carerix to other media you need to define these media.
You can find the Media page at 'Maintenance' | 'Media'

Typical media are:

  • Your Website - the medium where you post your job order, publishes this on your website.
  • Vacancies such as: Monsterboard, StepStone, Nationale Vacaturebank

Configure a Medium

Click on a medium to view and edit or click on new to add a new medium. You will see the following screen:

A few important medium settings:

  • Name; enter the name of the medium
  • Code; enter a code, can be chosen by you
  • Default stage; if the medium has a standard stage, it can be set here
  • Default source match; choose the source from the drop down menu
  • Publish through; set through which media the job orders will be published.

Carerix has settings for:

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