In this setting you will activate all GDPR tools in Carerix: Anonymization, Triggers, Filters, Searchlines, Fields.  

The anonymization tool is available for both Candidates and Contacts. 

  • Go to 'Maintenance'
  • 'Settings'  
  •  Block 'Privacy'
  • Change 'UsePrivacyRestrictions' to "YES". 

Besides this there needs to be an adjustment in the settings of "Attributes and Fields".
Click here to go to this article for the settings for anonymizing Candidates and Contacts. 

New items will appear within the system

  • Within the Candidate and Contact file, a button to anonimize will appear.
  • Within the Candidate and Contact overview, the possibility to anonimize files in bulk. 
  • Within the Candidate file, a new panel with the name "Process and save personal information". 
  • New columns in the Candidate overview .
  • New filters in the Candidate overview. 
  • New options within triggers.

GDPR articles

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