Experience is needed with CX code, HTML, programming statements, debugging, and FTP-use to modify and upload templates. When editing templates, use an editor like Notepad, Notepad++ or Dreamweaver to avoid causing errors. For more information, check the manual in your Carerix application.


  1. Carerix does not give training in template development, FTP upload etc.
  2. You cannot contact the helpdesk for e-mail template debugging, solve errors, unless it is a template made by us.
  3. Carerix does not fix or enhance templates you made or changed.
  4. You will create your own backups of templates you choose to modify
  5. Carerix cannot accept responsibility for any inconvenience which results from templates you have modified by yourself

The same applies to the email header and -footer

We do offer the alternative of having Carerix create or modify templates for you,
order custom templates at our Customer Success Team.
Based on your specifications we make you an offer.

Install template from Library

With administrator rights you can view installed / active templates in your application as follows:

  1. Choose E-mail or Document templates.
  2. Press the Library button.
  3. Select preview to preview the template.
  4. Select Install next to the template.
  5. Log out and Log in again.

Modify E-mail header and -footer

The standard Header and footer is used in all templates that are equipped.
By modifying the header and footer you will be able to adjust templates all at once.

  1. Go to Maintenance > Settings
  2. Click on "Templates ... " to open this section
  3. Copy-paste the text in emailHeader and emailHeader (keep the copied text in a notepad and save this)
  4. Adjust the emailHeader and emailFooter
  5. Save the changes

When it doen't work in the way you aspected then paste the text that you have saved in step 3.

Modify e-mail templates

  1. Choose E-mail templates.
  2. Open the installed template.
  3. Connect the template to the level where you want to use it.
  4. Test your template.

Modify document template

  1. Go to Document templates and open the template.
  2. Copy the URL and paste it in your browser address bar.
  3. View page source, copy/paste code in editor.
  4. Make your changes
  5. Save as html
  6. Upload this copy (using FTP) from your computer to your own location, e.g. http://<customer>.carerix.com/httpdocs/templates/yourcopy.html
  7. Activate the new document template in Carerix.Copy the settings from the original template, but use the URL: http://customer.carerix.com/templates/yourcopy.html Do not use httpdocs in this URL, because this is already implicitly included in an HTTP-link.
  8. Make sure that this copy works properly before you apply your own changes.

NoteAs an extra security precaution, FTP access is restricted to the IP addresses that are on our whitelist:
Please send us your IP number (check here) if you want to access this location.

Order templates

  1. Send us an example with the field names from Carerix (e.g. <NAME>, <ADDRESS>) in the layout, or send us a copy of a Library template, with specifications for customization.
  2. Specify the dossier where to use the template, (e.g. Candidates, Contacts etc.)
  3. Order custom templates at our Customer Success Team
    Based on your specifications we make you an offer.
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