Provide different access rights to Users. This page contains information on the creation and maintenance of User roles. The use of User roles is not supported in the Standard edition.

Note: It is very important to never remove or edit the standard role of administrator.


  • Click "Management"
  • Click "User Roles
  • Click "New", to create a new user role.
    Select Basic User role (This is an indication of the default values for this role).
    Fill-in a suitable Name and Description.
  • Click 'Save'
  • Select at settings the access rights this role has in the Carerix modules and at what level.


  • None: Cannot view any item
  • Owner: the items of which he is the owner
  • Office: the items of the office the owner of the item belongs to
  • All: All items (unrestricted of any office or owner)

Note : That, in the case of the use of Business Lines, the visibility of Candidates and Job Orders is also limited to the Business Line of the owner of these items.


  • Visible: The module is invisible for this user role.
  • View: Read only.
  • Create: Creating new files is allowed but changing of existing files is not.
  • Update: Save changes in all files.
  • Delete: Remove all files.
  • Click [Save]

Visibility of features

Please note  :
Creation and changing of user roles has an influence on the use and visibility of the following features in Carerix:

  1. E-mail templates
  2. Document templates
  3. The "Document type attachment"
  4. Search profiles
  5. Evt: if you refer to userroles in an e-mail template and the name/ID changes, then the e-mail template will not work anymore.
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