With Carerix you can easily send an e-mail to a group candidates or contacts.


As example we give the situation where you want to send a change of address to a selection contacts.

Create an e-mail template

  1. Go to "Maintenance
  2. Go to "Templates"
  3. Create a new e-mail template
    Name: Change of Address
    Visible with: Contact

See also: Create e-mail template

E-mail template testing

  1. Go to the overview of contacts and select one
  2. Select at "Send e-mail(s)" the template "Change of Address". The e-mail screen opens.
  3. Check whether the message is alright. If that is not the case click [Cancel] and change the template. Iterate this proces until the template is alright.
  4. Is the message okay? Then fill in your own e-mailaddress at "E-mail address for test" and click [send].
  5. Check whether you received your e-mail. If the e-mail is not okay, change the template until it is correct.

Send Mailing

The idea is that you have for the contact a group 'Newsletter'. And you decided to send everyone in this group an change of address.

  1. Go to "Contacts" and select the contacts with the next searchrule:
    Group is equal to "Newsletter"
  2. Select at Send e-mail(s) the template "Change of address". Now the e-mail screen opens.
  3. Click [Generate e-mails]. All e-mail messages are now generated. After this the e-mail messages automatically are going to be send. It could take some time before all messages are being send.


  1. Send a message to a selection of the candidates works like this:
    In the template with Visible with fill in : Candidate
    Insert Candidate instead of contact in the instructions here above.
  2. This way you can send an e-mail to a couple of thousand receivers. If this number is larger, then you have to split the list. You can do that according to the instructions below:
    Add as search-criterium: lastname starting with a b c
    Now that you have a shorter list, send the e-mail.
    Repeat this proces for the lastname: lastname starts with d e f, g h i etc. until you have run through the complete alphabet.
  3. Watch out that the template chooses the correct address: Business or Private;
    With candidates it is normal that only a private address is filled in
    With contacts only a business address

    To be sure that the just notified process elapses well, you can click the checkbox at: Use other e-mail address if not available: If one address is not filled in, Carerix takes the other address.


  • Choose in the template with Visible at for the "Contact" and not for the "Contact (CAMPAIGN)". This last named option makes the template available in a contactfile.
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