Subscribe candidates to a Job alert. In most cases your candidates will subscribe or unsubscribe themselves through the portal or the opt-out link in the e-mail template. This page describes how to perform these actions manually.


Subscribe / Unsubscribe a single candidate

  1. Click "Candidates".
  2. Open desired Candidate.
  3. Check: "Job alert" (Under Groups).
    Uncheck to unsubscribe candidate.
  4. Click "Save".

Subscribe / Unsubscribe multiple candidates at once

  1. Click "Candidates".
  2. Select desired candidates (a selection of 0 selects all candidates).
  3. Scroll to Select action....
    Select "Add to group" and click Ok.
    Select "Remove from group" to unsubscribe candidates.
  4. Select group Job alert.
  5. Click "Add" or "Remove".

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