The Carerix application is mainly used by employees of your own organization, but there are more possibilities. It is also possible to give candidates and contacts access to Carerix. The only thing you have to do is give the Candidate or contact the following information:

  • location: http://<client>
  • login name and password

Candidates (Candidate portal)

You can give candidates that are in your database access.
For example to:

  • update their information (new education)
  • let them fill in time sheets

The login credentials is shown under the candidates admin tab. You can also give an end date for the access.

When a candidates logs in, only their personal information is shown, not the matches / notes etc. 

Update CV

Candidates can update their CV as follows:

  1. Log in with the given login credentials
  2. Scroll down till you see a field with the label "New/modified CV"
  3. Click the button [browse]
  4. Select the CV
  5. Click [Save]
  6. The CV is uploaded and added to the file


  • The old CV is not overwritten. The CV will be added as an extra CV at the tab "attachments". 
  • The CV can be extracted from the attachments tab.


Remark: Only contacts from subcontractors are able to log in into Carerix. To make a normal company a subcontractor, you need select "subcontractor" in the company file. You can find this field at the General-tab.

The contact that is logged in has the following possibilities:

  • Modify own information
  • Add and modify candidates
  • See matches of own candidates
  • See job orders

Remark: The contact is only able to see the job orders with a valid publication. The medium of the publication need to have the code "SUPPLIER". 

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