The RPO portal is a portal in which stake holders of a (corporate) recruiter can find information about suitable candidates for their job orders. Additionally, the portal offers a platform for candidate presentations and candidate rejections. 


  • Quickly implemented, useful
  • New form of cooperation
  • Pre-selection of candidates by the consultant, easily sharable with hiring managers
  • Communication in the hiring process is structured through the portal

The default language is Dutch or English, but German and French can also be activated. The language is regulated based on the set language of the contact person (or user) in Carerix.


To give your contacts access to the portal you add them to the specific group. When the contact isn't added to this group, he or she has no access to the portal.

To provide the contact with the credentials you can use an emailtemplate which provides a link to the portal, and a link with which the password can be set.


The Dashboard is the first thing your contact sees on logging in. It shows all files where input is needed in the process:

  • Matches to approve/decline
  • Active job orders
  • Timesheets

Job orders

The contact can see job orders linked to his company in the portal. If candidates have been proposed for the job orders, these matches can be tracked in the portal. 

Job orders are visible in the portal for the contact when they meet the following requirements:

  1. The job order is linked to the same company as the contact (this is the default situation in Carerix but it can be otherwise);
  2. Source job order is the specific one set for the portal.

The contact can see all the job orders linked to the company, but he can edit only those of which he is the ‘sign authority’.

New job orders

The contact can also create new job orders in the portal, which will become available for the recruiter in Carerix. The form shows a mandatory field ‘department’. The available values in this field come from the specific relation the contact has in Carerix with his company. This is the field ‘Relationship contact’. The value has been configured for you, if the contact has a specific relationship set he can create new job orders for his company.

Proposed candidates

The recruiter can propose candidates to the contact, and make them available in the portal for approval, by using specific stages in the matchflow. This flow has been discussed with you and configured by us. The contact can approve or decline the candidate, and add comments. The comments will be visible for the recruiter in the tab ‘Evaluation’ in the match. 

proposed candidate flow

Candidates with a match with a specific stage are open for approval in the portal.

The contact can approve the candidate and add a comment. The comment will be visible on the tab 'Evaluation' in the match. When the candidate has been approved, the match is set to a specific stage.

A contact can also decline the candidate, and again add a comment. This comment too will be visible on the tab 'Evaluation' in the match. If the candidate has been declined, the match is set to a specific stage.

When a match is approved, it will remain visible for the contact in the portal, regardless the stage the match is in. This way the contact can track his approved matches.


The Talentpool shows candidates you think are of interest to your contact. The contact can match the candidates to their own job orders. There are two kinds of talentpools: a general one, and a talentpool specific for a company.

General talentpool

The general talentpool makes use of a general dummy job order that has been created in your application. The goal of this job order is purely to create matches with candidates you want to be visible in the talentpool. The job order is linked to a dummy company and a dummy contact. 

Please do not change or delete these files, since the talentpool functionality will not work properly anymore.

You can add candidates to the general talentpool by simply matching them with the job order. There is only one available stage for this match.

Talentpool company-specific

It is possible to create a talentpool for a specific company, any company, to make sure this company sees only relevant candidates for his field of expertise. 

This works in the same way as the general talentpool, with the one difference that the dummy job order is linked to this specific company and a random contact of this company. Create this dummy job order with the procedure ‘Talentpool’. This procedure has been created for the talentpool job order only. 

Add candidates to this specific talentpool by simply matching them with the talentpool job order. Again, only one stage is available for this match.

Matching from the talentpool

If the contact sees an interesting candidate in the talentpool, he or she can match this candidate with one of his own job orders. Simply by opening the candidate in the talentpool, and use the available button ‘Match with my job orders’.

The candidate will remain in the talentpool, for matching with other job orders, but also gets a new match with the selected job order.

This new match will be set to a specific stage.


The candidate fills in the timesheets and changes the status to ‘Sent’. With this status the timesheet is visible for the contact assigned for the ‘sign authority’ of the linked job order. The timesheet will be visible in the portal on the Dashboard.

The contact will receive a notification by mail.

The contact can approve or decline the timesheet, and add a comment. The comment will be visible for the recruiter in the opened timesheet in Carerix.


A contact can only see documents that have specific ‘document type of attachment’s. 

Please note that it’s not possible to differ between up- or download. Attachments can always be both up- and downloaded by the contact.


Specific reports can be made available in the portal.

RPO messages

The portal has a build-in option to exchange messages with the contact. Under Contact in the portal, the contact has an option to enter a message for the recruiter. This message will become visible in Carerix as a note in the tab Activities of the contact, in the RPO messages Dashboard, and in a report ‘RPO messages’, with the status ‘new portal notification’.

As soon as the note is fully opened, not just the preview, the status is set to ‘read portal notification’.

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